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"...a fine musician and a potent presence on stage.", Kate Westbrook.

"...The south-west supergroup (Granite) is completed by Coach York's powerhouse kit work. Like the whole evening, very hard, granular, crystalline, and totally rock solid..." , Richard Lee, London Jazz News.

"...distinctive and assured...", Duncan Heining, Jazzwise.

"...Coach York pasaba en un segundo de estar tocando la bateria de forma pausada y elegante a acelerar de repente y dotar a la musica de una gran intensidad..." , Francisco Macias, [ to move in a second from playing the drums in a slow and elegant way to suddenly accelerate the music to great intensity..."]

"Coach is the beating heart of the band, and a master of the Art. Totally alive to what's going on around him, he knows when to lay back, when to pile on the pressure and when to take charge.", Mike Westbrook.

"Yours was such an amazing session...thank you for responding to the music with such sensitivity and passion. It is a such a gift to have your questing and beautifully inventive drumming on the songs." Greta Vaughan

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I started playing at school in various prog rock bands, moving on to Art College and discovering funk and jazz. The Northampton scene where I grew up was heavy with R'n'b and trad jazz bands which was a useful training ground, and I then served a long apprenticeship grinding up and down the country with some reasonably well-known soul bands. The late seventies and early eighties saw the explosion of the 2-Tone scene in Coventry where I joined the Ska/Reggae band The Army, later The Resistance, sharing studios and promotion with the Specials, Selecter and Bad Manners, with modest success, and recorded a critically-acclaimed album with former members of the Goth band Bauhaus.
Modern jazz has always been a passion, and over the years I have worked extensively with most of the top names on the British Jazz scene, accompanying people like Peter King, Jim Mullen, Bill Le Sage, Don Rendell, Alan Barnes, Iain Ballamy, Mike Outram, Simon Spillett, Roger Beaujolais, Jean Toussaint and many others, along with visiting US musicians like Jimmy Witherspoon, Slim Gaillard and more recently Greg Abate, Allison Adams Tucker and Benn Clatworthy.
I work regularly with Mike Westbrook's 24 piece Uncommon Orchestra, Kate Westbrook's Granite Band, the Craig Milverton Trio, the Philip Clouts trio, Dave Holdsworth's New Brew, and can often be found backing the well-known vocalists, Maggie Reeday and Annika Skoogh, or accompanying the fine sax player Martin Dale.

Here's a nice review from the International Guitar Festival recently.

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And here's an upbeat clip from a gig with Gilad Atzmon at the Blue Vanguard.

Photograph copyright Robert Elford


Pleased to endorse Murat Diril Cymbals


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